Email Marketing – 10 least successful title Lines


recently, hundreds of millions of e-mails and thousands of B2B email marketing campaign to determine what the best and worst performing email marketing subject lines. In this short article we’ve summarized the 10 worst performing email campaigns subjects with brief comments on why the subject line is bad.

Ten Worst Performing Email Campaign Materials Lines (not in order)

Join us for a free Webinar April 2nd 2011!

– Webinar about what? Why? From whom? Are not most Webinars FREE?

Shop save!

– Oooh. Another promotional emails. I’ve only got 219 of these today. – What should I be shopping for? Early for what? Vista how much?

Register to win free iPod case !!

– I already have 4 iPods.

– “Free” and “iPod” caused some of the email filter. Email content for this email did not help either.

Security Spending

– Huh? I have no idea what this is about and I do not want to click to learn more.

– Better yet – I’m going to add this company to the list of blocked domains – that teaches them

Post-Trade Show Webinar :! Expert insight into key trends and observations from trade Show Floor

– This subject line was longer than some email body. – Response rate performance drops off generally beyond the 55 characters in the title

(Company) Announce Partnership to work with (other companies) .

– Who cares? I do not know the company A or company B and what their cooperation do for me anyway?

-. Make sure the materials your email address and internal paragraph emphasizing the benefits for your recipient

European Lakefront Elegance

– It’s not a lake within 1,000 miles. What’s this gotta do with me

Product Launch: New “Widget” available (no mention of the company name)

– This leaves the recipient forecast .. Who are you? Company name is not included.

– In most cases, the body of an email like this by issuing the company’s press verbatim (see below)

Full Press Release Titles such as “(Company) announces new gadgets”

– I’m too busy to be curious and click to discover what the “system” and why I should think.

– Even if I opened the mail, why would I want to read the press release? Tell me about improve your equipment

Real Estate, Feb 2011

– This was the real subject line for a series of campaigns. Unfortunately, it is too short and descriptive to get the attention of most recipients

TIP :. Our analysis of the worst performing subject lines also unveiled the words most likely to cause the recipient to report email as SPAM (note – this is not the same as saying “phrases spam is likely to close)

-> Verify, raffle, pray, prizes, 10% (or% content), coupon, discount, savings, offer.

What else can we learn from this? Summary of recommendations

above ‘minimal success’ subject lines are great potential learning experience. We may not be the most world’s experts on the search system, but there are some things that we observed from these typical poor subject lines including more of our analysis. For example:

Abstract, matter-of-fact subject lines got better open rates than “sales pitches”. In fact, in other tests, we have found the ideal email campaign content length is 40 to 50 characters.

That said, the subject line is too short (such as # 10 on the list), is not likely to score well -. primarily because within such a short subject, it is difficult for the reader to decide whether an email is appropriate for them

Email individuals (and organizations) that are vague and non-specific, usually under -perform.

Email marketing campaigns that offer “value” or resort vs ask for the order form better response, at least compared to public statistics (ie, you are giving vs. asking to take).

It is important to note that these are the headlines related to the best / worst performing campaigns, and we are the only judge based on open rates. Many email clients with sentence 3 preview pane -. So open rate for each campaign material above is heavily influenced by the quality of email promotion text

That said, if the subject stinks email probably do too.


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