Email Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts


Email marketing is one of the ways to get traffic to your website. Here are important make (s) and do not (s) of Email Marketing in my perspective.

first come, Dos

1. Develop a theme for your email marketing

Be clear about the purpose emailer phone. Probably, in order to expand the business, but in some cases people want to trade through various fields. For example, if a car dealer, he might want more business through a specific model. So, to be clear in your needs.

2. Next, design and content

Set up a standard for emailer design as header with the company logo and set up with the address. Use attractive design that fits with the theme of the email, simple & catchy words but it should not be too wordy. Use a title that will highlight keywords. Short and Sweet could do more!

3. Offer / Offer

What Offers / Offer which would be useful for the seller and buyer thereby creating “win-win” situation

4. Unique in every respect

Your email address should be unique in every regard – Have your own style of design, content, attract customers your way that would improve the turning point for the business

5. Connect Emailer to your website

connect the appropriate section of your website that has more information to relevant content through several slogans buttons such as “Contact us for further information” / “Click here to find out more.” Also remember to bring / inquiry form on the page that is linked from your emailer.

6. Use the correct Email Subject

Use Email Etiquette while making subject lines for your emailer. Email Subject is one of the key aspects of email marketing the first draws attention to the recipient

7. Do not have the option to unsubscribe and subscribe

Have unsubscribe option if the customer is no longer want to receive your emails. In the mean-time, for those interested, outline clearly how to reach you.

8. Identified Email List

Confirm whether you have certified email list and update the database email often. 7 and 8 points can help to prevent the level of spam.

9. Test Emailer

test emailer even before you blast to your customers. Separate each part emailer and verify everything works fine.

10. Track campaign

After all goes well, do monitor email campaign the results as each one went well and identify policy why it went well. This would be a boost for future efforts.

Now, Don’ts

1. Do not spam the recipient’s inbox

Set interval between one emailer and another in accordance with compliance. Do not spam the recipient’s inbox

2. Do not hesitate to make a study of simple things

not misspell a word; responsible grammar flow; have no more than 2 links emailer phone. The concentration of even simple things might you get more!

3. Do not force the unsubscribe list

Once you understand that some of the customers are not interested, do not force them not by sending e-mail again and again. Respect your customers!

The above (s) and do not (s) with your approach can set the way to get traffic.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome !!!




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